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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Circling Back, in stories, in life.

Chekhov said that the end of a story should circle back to the beginning in order to be satisfying. Notice how life seems to do the same?

January 9th was my son, Charles's, birthday. My brother, Barry, wasn't sure of the date. so he called Charles' work. Charles wasn't in.

"Hi, this is Charles' uncle," Barry said to Charles' assistant. "Would you mind telling me if it's my nephew's birthday?"

"We thought so," his assistant said, "but he said, 'No,' it's my uncle's birthday.'"

They began to laugh. Charles probably didn't want a fuss at work over his birthday and now he was caught.

It reminded me of years ago when my brother was in sports writing. He was featured on a question and answer radio show in Conneticut, trying to appear really professional.

One caller asked, "Excuse me, I have just one question. Is this my nephew, Barry?"

It was Uncle Davie from Hartford, Connecticut.

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