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Thursday, April 9, 2009

My reading at the Paul Robeson Fine Arts Center at Princeton University

Yes, it is I, wearing that hat. I made it for my poetry reading at the Paul Robeson Fire Arts Center at Princeton University. My poem, The Ziggurat Hat, in Eating her Wedding Dress (Ragged Sky Press) was about the hats my mother wore. I made this one out of a beach hat and a bunch of trimmings I bought in Michael's Craft Shop. You can't see it, but the hat also had a large black feather. When my mother would take me and my two sisters to department stores, she would tell us to follow the black feather so that we dont' get lost. I was so sorry I hadn't kept that hat, but even sorrier that after having a couple of glasses of wine at the reception, I managed to leave my hat at the center in a large hefty trash bag that I had used to keep it safe in a downpour.. And that's where it ended up. In the trash! There's going to be another reading on Jone 3rd, so I made another hat. It's not as great as the first, but c'est la vie.


camerone said...
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camerone said...

I love this story Rochelle- it needs to become part of something bigger. The humor and grace are just a perfect blend....if you don;t write something I will- it is too precious to not work with as material!

ABOUT ME said...

Camerone, I did write a lyrical essay about this and it's already off to??? Gosh, my record keeping! Love, Rochelle