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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Coyotes are on the Columbia University Campus

Three coyotes were spotted in front of Lewison Hall. How did they get there? The followed the railroad tracks from Westchester County. It's their mating season. They are hot-blooded and hungry. Letterman said, "The coyotes are getting so brazen that he saw one putting mustard on a dachshund." Coyotes are usually scared of humans and will only bother a person if he gets in the way of his food or bothers him in some other way. What's more dangerous about coyotes being on the loose is that they mate with dogs. Coydogs have the same predatory nature as coyotes, but they aren't afraid of humans, which makes them dangerous to us. Also, coyotes only mate once a year. Coydogs can mate every few months. I'm sure somone out there has a tame and adorable coydog who brings him his slippers each night, but for the rest of us, what is the solution?

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