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Monday, March 15, 2010

Good Places to Publish

Upcoming Anthologies Deadline:

03/15/10. Submit to: Flashlight Memories Anthology. Silver Boomer Books, 3301 S. 14th, Suite 16, PMB 134, Abilene, TX 79605, or e-mail (via pasted-in text) to: SilverBoomerBooks@gmail.com. Theme: Childhood reading. Type: Poetry (1 poem, 50 lines MAX, prefers shorter) and prose (1,500 words MAX). URL: http://silverboomerbooks.com

Deadline: 03/31/10. Submit to: The Way of the Wizard. E-mail your story as a DOC file (preferred) or as an RTF file to jjadams.anthology@gmail.com. Include the words “Wizards Submission” and the title of the story and your byline in the subject line of the e-mail. Theme: Wizards, witches, sorcerers, sorceresses, magic, fantasy, etc. Type: Short stories (5,000 MAX). URL: http://www.johnjosephadams.com/2009/06/guidelines-the-way-of-the-wizard

Deadline: 03/31/10. Submit to: Becoming Anthology. Send via e-mail: becominganthology@gmail.com. Theme: Women's stories. Type: Personal essays (1,000 words MAX) or one poem. URL: http://becominganthology.blogspot.com/2010/02/call-for-submissions.html

Deadline: 04/01/10. Submit to: Witness. Submit via online form: http://witness.blackmountaininstitute.org/submit/login.php. Theme: Blurring Borders. Type: Poetry (5 poems MAX), short stories, and essays. URL: http://witness.blackmountaininstitute.org/submit

Deadline: 04/15/10. Submit to: A Whodunit Halloween. E-mail submissions to: whodunit@pillhillpress.com. Please put SUBMISSION - Title of Story in the subject line. Theme: Halloween mysteries. Type: Short stories (15,000 words MAX). URL: http://www.pillhillpress.com/atlantis.html

Deadline: 04/15/10. Submit to: Align with Global Harmony: Rainmaker’s Prayers Anthology. Send via Word attachment or pasted-in text to: hazelheron.press@gmail.com. Theme: Environmental topics. Type: Personal essays (1,000 words MAX). URL: http://shinanbarclay.vox.com

Deadline: 04/20/10. Submit to: A Cup of Comfort. Submit via online form: http://www.cupofcomfort.com/memberlogin. Theme: For Couples. Type: Personal essays (2,000 words MAX). URL: http://www.cupofcomfort.com/CallForSubmissions Deadline: 05/01/10. Submit to: The First Line. E-mail (via MS Word or WordPerfect attachment) to: submission@thefirstline.com. Theme: Every story starts out the same: Paul and Miriam Kaufman met the old-fashioned way. Type: Short stories (3,000 words MAX). URL: http://www.thefirstline.com

Deadline: 06/30/10. Submit to: Cancer Anthology. E-mail to: info@divinetruthpress.com. Theme: Your journey with cancer, the journey of a loved one, or your secondhand experience as caregiver or medical professional. Type: Personal essays (500 to 1,500 words MAX). URL: http://divinetruthpress.atwc1.com/submissions/cancer-anthology Deadline: 08/01/10. Submit to: Rattle. E-mail (via pasted-in text) to: submissions@rattle.com. Theme: Masters of Mental Health. Type: Poetry and essays (5,000 words MAX). URL: http://www.rattle.com/callsforsubs.html

Deadline: N/A. Submit to: editor@dreamofthings.com Theme: Various topics based on one of 15 themes. See http://dreamofthings.com/workshop-2 for more details. Type: Personal essays (500-5,000 words MAX). URL: http://dreamofthings.com/guidelines

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