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Monday, August 2, 2010

Frued's Last Session

There was nothing little about this play by Mark Germaine in the Little Theater at the West Side Y, Manhattan. Imagine Sigmund Freud who believed God was a fantasy having a session with C.W. Lewis who had just had a conversion experience. What a dramatic clash.
What we can learn from the play as writers is:
1. The importance of dramatic contrast, characters pitted against each other by education, class, philosophy....
2. This play was based upon another book, which means that we don't have to unearth all our own ideas. They are out there waiting for us, like fish leaping to our hook. Just follow your interest and you'll find the right books to help you create your own work of art.
3. The inescapable histories of the characters, both personal and what is going on in their environment. Imagine Freud and C.S. Lewis confronting a bomb threat during London's blitz.
How different it is to be in the audience when you're a writer!

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