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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Documentaries can have a built-in bore factor because there's often no structure. Okay, The March of the Penguins is beautiful, but by mid-point, I'm panicking that the darn penguins will never stop marching and I'll be in the theater until the cows come home. Still, I've invested this much time, so....
But Jill Adresevic's documentary, LOVE, ETC. to hit theaters this Friday, is centered around five couples--a pair of hair school students who have fallen hard in their first true love, a Hindu couple whose dissatisfactions quietly seethe along with the lamb saag and curried cheek peas on their parents' stovetops, a gay director who becomes the single parent of twins through a surrogate mom, and a single dad construction worker who has custody of his two kids.
Your favorites, I bet, will be Albert and Marion from Canarsie, Brooklyn, married for 48 years.
You'll come away enlightened and delighted and wanting to see more!http://loveetcthemovie.com/

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