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Friday, January 22, 2010

Diet Plan

Someone sold me one. T.G. I only bought a week of it to try out. Crunch bars, shakes, salty chips, soups and cocoa every 2-3 hours and a regular low carb dinner at night. I can't wait until dinner. These diet foods are burning my stomach. "Weight loss by Ulcer" is the true plan, I think. But what it made me realize is that working at home, I eat all day: a teaspoon of peanut butter here, matzoh and butter there, a handful of almonds. Maybe when this week is over--I paid for it so I'll stay on or I'll feel like a complete "loser," I'll just try to eat at 3 hour intervals. I'm already hungry just thinking of that. Every two hours then. Or maybe back to constantly.

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