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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Register Now for my sping class: Emotions through Art.

Emotions Into Art (online)
How do writers make you laugh and cry? Designed for beginners and for those who would like to spike up their writing and gain mastery, this course begins by exploring emotion-packed fiction, short prose, and poems, to discover tips, tricks, and strategies for making the reader ache, cheer characters on, reach for the Kleenex, or hold their sides with laughter. You’ll learn about tone, hyperbole, understatement, pacing, implication, and more. Through stimulating writing exercises and short reading assignments, you are encouraged to find your own voice to create short writing (prose or poems) about yourself /and or fictional characters that grab the attention of both readers and editors.

Here's what Pat Murray Panek had to say about it:
"I took this class the last time Rochelle offered it and it really did help me to knock down the obstacles that were keeping me from expressing myself completely. Two Thumbs Up!"

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