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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rated P for Parenthood

Rated P for Parenthood
Posted on March 2, 2012 by Rochelle
Book and lyrics by Sandy Rustin
Music and lyrics by Dan Lipton and David Rossmer
Directed by Jeremy Dobrish
Starring Courtney Balan, Chris Hoch, David Josefsberg, and Joanna Young

RATED P FOR PARENTHOOD is a series of musical skits that cover parenthood from birth to the empty nest. It’s always easy to sit back and mutter over what could have been better: maybe if the skits were all about one family, maybe if the songs were sext-y like the texts typed on the background screen, or maybe if standard themes such as a mother’s grief on her child’s first day of kindergarten were omitted, the play might have been a rave. But if you sit back and hear the audience clapping and whooping it up, you know that this is a terrific pick for a night out with Mama-friends, especially since Playtime http://www.playtimenyc.com/ is offering great, affordable babysitting while you’re at the theater. The sitter/artists provide your children (ages 4=12) with cultural experiences while you get your own.
And Mamas, bring the Papas. The two best scenes involve fathers. In Mind Over Playground when two dads who are watching over their kids try to befriend each other, all the while each father worrying about what the other dad might be thinking about him. And the hilarious rap duet and breakout moves in Parent Teacher Conference as two dads anticipate the terrible things that will be told to them about their children.
Visit: http://www.ratedpthemusical.com

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