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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Meet Lake Mcclenney

Lake is one of my "Wow What a Writer" students in my Intermediate Writing the Personal Essay class at UCLA Extension. She's a retired psychologist who would never be a psychologist (again).She's happily unmarried to her sweetie for 35 yrs. They have 2 kids (ages 38 & 39) and 7 grandchildren. They live in a pack of 12 feet - 4 of ours, and 8 for two dogs, Kavi, their "baby", an alaskan malamute, and Scout, who adopted them because he loved their puppy - and because they take long hikes every day. She live in SoCal, but was born in Berkeley & is a northern California person thru & thru.

Every time Lake reads a newspaper, checks online, or hear news media people who feel free to do psychological analyses of every person's actions instead of REPORTING, she feels insulted. Gee, she only went to school for ten postgraduate years to do that! Especially when it is analyzing why some famous man (ahem, John Edwards, or and not to forget Bill Clinton, Gary Harte, and by the way, the groper, Arnold Schartzenager, had sex illicitly. Gee, that's a tough one, must have been some deep-seated neurosis that led to it!

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Jane said...

So, Lake, what is it exactly about being a psychologist that you don't like? And, how is being a personal essayist different than any other belly button lint picking?