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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Meet Linda Marie Prejean

Teachers way back said I should go into journalism, or make writing a career in some way. So in typical fashion I did the opposite. I learned to speak Japanese, became an international flight attendant, a Psychotherapist, went on hiatus, dropped out of a Ph.D. program, did my time in Hollywood as a commercial actor, and now have so many stories I have no choice but to write. My favorite job was as Administrative Assistant to the writer of The French Connection. Here I am, many years later, toying with entering the Screenwriting program at UCLA.

I'm married close to forever to Jim - 43 years. Our favorite time together is on our sailboat, the Dani-Lin. He¢s a great Captain and soon we¢ll head for Catalina Island. Jim and I live in Southern California near our son, Kevin. We have two exceptional grandchildren. My passion is getting up early each day and training my horse, Brisa, for show jumping competitions. We are trained by a coach for the Olympics who is in Beijing at the moment, hopefully winning a Gold Medal. I love writing, riding, singing, shopping and well, life in general.

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