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Friday, September 19, 2008

Meet Saralee Rosenberg, author of Dear Neighbor, Drop Dead (Avon)

Saralee Rosenberg and I met through a writer's networking club called Power Punch and instantly connected because we both have written comic novels about strong, Jewish women and the supernatural. Saralee is the author of four wonderful novels from Avon (HarperCollins) including A LITTLE HELP FROM ABOVE, CLAIRE VOYANT, FATE AND MS. FORTUNE, and her latest, DEAR NEIGHBOR, DROP DEAD.

Dear Neighbor is a hilarious, heart stomping romp over fences and defenses that begs the question, who are your next door neighbors and what was God thinking when he threw you together? Sometimes it's worth finding out.

Saralee's books resonate with women who struggle with family relationships and friendships because they go right to the heart of the matter in a humorous way but with lots of emotion. Her central theme is, it's never what you worry about that happens, it's the stuff you don't see coming. All of her stories are roller coaster rides through unforeseen journeys and where her character's land always keeps readers guessing.
blog: www.saraleerosenberg.com/wordpress

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