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Monday, September 8, 2008

Things I did today instead of writing my new novel

1, I wrote politcal emais, trying to convince my friends to vote for my candidate.
2. I ate two organic beets, got beet juice on my blouse and tried to get it out with carpet cleaner that the carpet cleaner guy swore would get stains out of anything.
3. I gave the blouse to a friend to use as a painter's smock.
4. I talked to my friend, Marlene, on the phone.
5. I caught up on this week's New Yorker story.
6. I got on the scale.
7. I swore I wouldn't eat anything more.
8. I did.

How about you?


Sorell Says... said...

Eating, e-mailing, talking on the phone, reading other people's writing...what? These aren't things that one does in a normal writing day? Ooops :)

This sounds like my schedule Rochelle, without the beets and the weighing myself...I eat baked bbq chips, and just wear looser cargo pants :)

ABOUT ME said...

Oh, loooooser cargo pants, that's the ticket for looooser thighs!
Love, Rochelle

Dave said...

Things I Did Today Instead of Working on My Essay

1. Trimmed my fingernails.

2. Checked the progress of the latest hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico.

3. Played with the cat.

4. Removed cat hair from my clothes with a lint roller.

5. Looked in the refrigerator for a snack but couldn’t decide what to eat.

6. Looked again.

7. Decided the Mango/Vanilla Soy frozen dessert was too enticing to pass up.

8. Well, gosh, then it was time to get ready for work.

9. So I guess the message here is that it’s very easy to get distracted from writing, especially when there is no pressure from a class.

10. Tomorrow I’ll write!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ABOUT ME said...

Teri, a plumber trod into my living room wearing grasy boots that might have even had doo doo on them depending on where he was before. And then he stepped into my bathtub with them. I was too busy writing with my back to him, so I didn't find out until afer the fact. You see how writing can do you in?

ABOUT ME said...

For Dave, Yes, fingernails not on the keys do cause trouble. Glad yours are trimmed!